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House Global Ministries (H.G.M) has been committed to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ for over 22 years. We have led thousands in the journey of salvation while continually empowering the masses to lead exemplary lives that keeps Jesus famous. We have ministered the gospel half-way around the world, transcending cultural and ethnic boundaries.

H.G.M engages in humanitarian efforts to feed, clothe, educate and provide temporary financial assistance and housing to those who are in need

Along with our ministries in United States and Canada, H.G.M oversees over 400 churches throughout Africa, including Uganda and Kenya, with a combined membership of over 120,000 members, a school, a health clinic and administrative support staff. With our exponential global growth, we are being summoned to provide aid to hundreds more pastors and ministries because the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few.

As H.G.M continues moving forward with our vision from God, we invite you to partner with us and see your seed in action.  Your monthly seed and donation will assist us as we continue to go throughout the world reaching the lost for Christ.

Consider becoming a Faith Partner today. Complete one of our Faith Partnership cards and begin to see your seed as it travels around the globe to help touch and transform lives for the Kingdom of God.

Faith Partners are committed individuals, families or organizations who pledge to faithfully send an offering of any amount on a consistent basis (monthly or annually) to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and our missionary work. H.G.M is devoted to earnestly praying for our covenant partners and conversely, we covet your prayers as we pursue the heart of God.

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